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HTTP status codes

This API returns standard HTTP success or error status codes. For errors, extra information about what went wrong will also be included in the response as JSON. The various HTTP status codes the API might return are listed below:

Code Title Description
200 OK Successful request
201 Created A new resource has been created
204 No Content Your request was successful but did not return any content
400 Bad Request You have sent an invalid JSON payload (extra or missing comma, etc)
401 Unauthorized Your API key is not valid
403 Forbidden Insufficient permissions, or you have reached your quota limit
404 Not Found The specified resource cannot be found
405 Method Not Allowed You have tried to access a resource with an invalid method
422 Unprocessable Entity You have sent invalid fields (details are provided in the error body)
429 Too Many Requests API rate limit exceeded (see the “Request Limits” page)
500 Internal Server Error A server error has occurred. Try again later or contact support