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The page and limit parameters

curl \
  --url ''

Some endpoints that return multiple items will be paginated to 10 items by default.

You can change this limit with the limit parameter as shown above.

You can request further pages with the page parameter. Note that page numbering is 1-based and that omitting the page parameter will return the first page.


You can sort multiple items with one or several fields in the ascending or descending order, using the sort parameter as shown above.

Use the URL-encoded space character (%20) to separate field names. Prepend the field name with a dash (-) to sort it in descending order.

Sorting on field1 in ascending order, and then on field2 in descending order is therefore :


The Link response header, if returned, includes pagination information and one or more hypermedia link relations. The possible values are:

Name Description
prev The link relation for the previous page of results
next The link relation for the next page of results
last The link relation for the last page of results

The X-Total-Count response header

The X-Total-Count response header, if returned, contains the total number of results in all pages for the current GET request. If it is not returned, the response contains all the possible results.