Getting Started

Everything you need to know about hl2 Panorama.

hl2 Panorama is a modern and scalable IoT Gateway that makes deploying and integrating IoT devices easy. As an edge service it collects and authenticates your IoT device data coming from a public or private network provider and push this data to your application / infrastructure.

We’ve implemented the required features for you to successfully integrate a fleet of devices into an existing or new infrastructure. For a list of the principal features we have implemented, have a look at the features section below.

hl2 Panorama is currently available as a private SaaS service and will be publicly available soon! If you have an IoT project and want to gain early access, drop us an email from the contact page.


Here is a list of the principal features available out of the box:

  • Data collection from private / public LPWAN IoT operators
  • Device management with automatic operator provisioning
  • Organization and user management
  • Network to business data decoding/encoding
  • REST APIs to quickly add features to your application

Supported LPWAN operators

Currently, the following operators are supported:

  • Sigfox
  • Orange
  • Objenious
  • Actility
  • Loriot
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